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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hello, merry christmas and thank you for joining me. i'm dana bash in for fredrick whitfield. benjamin netanyahu says he's summoning the u.s. ambassador. the two are meeting we just learned tonight. israel also summoned the ambassadors of ten other countries that voted for the resolution. a foreign ministry spokesman said the meetings are, quote, to express deep anger and dissatisfaction as a result of the vote of countries that consider themselves friends of israel. the vote sparked a bipartisan backlash from many here in the u.s. who thought that the u.s. should have backed the u.n. against the resolution that would have killed it.
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tell us about this new development, this meeting that we now know is going to happen tonight with the u.s. ambassador to israel and the israeli prime minister, obviously underscores the urgency? >> reporter: absolutely, prime minister netanyahu had announced a series of diplomatic steps and they are harsh steps. of the 11 nations calling for reprimands to the israeli government, it is only the u.s. ambassador that will meet with net netanyahu, the others will meet with the ministry of the foreign affairs. that represents the anger that netanyahu has towards president-elect donald trump and vladimir putin. for not casting a veto has been present for americans for decades. he's called the ambassador to israel to this meeting toi
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express his displeasure at it. this is very much netanyahu expressing his fury at this resolution and there may be more steps in the days and weeks ahead. dana, what's worth pointing out, is that netanyahu could have waited a few weeks so he wouldn't have had to work with president obama, he would have had president-elect trump in, and he would have had a new ambassador, tump's appointment as the u.n. ambassador that's more in line with his own views, he just had to wait a new weeks. he's called in the current ambassador, the barack obama appointee to express his disappointment with this vote. >> everybody who works with president obama including the president himself are right now, is this kind of a show of force,
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a, kind of a power play here? or how would you describe it knowing the way the prime minister works the way you do, since you've been covering him? >> reporter: i would say it's a show of force, he wants to make it very clear, not only to president obama, to the rest of the world, at how angry he is at the resolution, he did something at the cabinet meeting earlier on today. he spoke in english, that cabinet meeting is specifically directed to israel, to israeli, so to speak in english, is safe to say that it is to directly address the u.s. to express his anger. he knows he gets a clean slate so soon, so this is very intentional. nothing here is accidentally, this is all very carefully calculated and decided upon by netanya netanyahu. >> and joining me now is congressman elliott angle, congressman, thank you so much for coming in on this holiday to
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be with me. i want to start right away with what or en was just telling us that prime minister netanyahu is going to meet with the u.n. ambassador tonight. what does that tell you in light that that ambassador isn't going to be there for very long and it will be a whole new diplomatic world in a few weeks. >> i just got back from israel and i had a meeting with our ambassador and i think the prime minister quantities to show his anger at what he regards as a betrayal by the united states. the problem in the united nations is that israel can never get a fair shake, there's always a fast majority of countries lining up against it. and the palestinians know this and they play the game, and it's on the united states to veto
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resolutions that are one sided and ridiculous. and this resolution, regardless of how anyone feels about settlements was so unsided, placing the entire onus on israel and not saying anything about the palestinians, it's just ridiculous. and i think the united states made a mistake, we should have vetoed that resolution, we have vetoed similar resolutions in the past and i think the administration going out the door to do this, sends a terrible message to the rest of the world. >> do you think it was a betrayal by president obama and his administration? >> i don't know if i would use the word betrayal, but i certainly think it was the wrong move. i think it was a mistake, the obama administration is ending and i think this was one parting shot to the bow and i don't think it was appropriate. >> why do you think they did it? >> i can't get into anybody's
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mind. >> have you asked them, i'm guessing that the phone lines are jamming up to reach you to make their feelings clear. >> they say they are opposed to settlements and that's the reason why they didn't veto the resolution, but you know what? a resolution could have mentioned settlements and could have been more balanced and even hand handed. this was the worst. this is similar to another resolution similar years ago that the united states vetoed. so there's been a little change in language here or there, but basically it's the same resolution, and it just seems to me this whole resolution is ridiculous and is a mistake made by the united states. when i was a kid, one of the ministers of israel, used to say of the united nations, one of the arab nations could put forth
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a resolution saying the world was flat and it would automatically get 70 votes. i think anything having to do with israel and the united nations, it's so biassed and one sided about israel, it shows that the united nations is not even handed, that israel can no do right. and it's what's really ridiculous is that at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are dying in syria you have genocide in south sudan. you have people being killed all over the country, and i would say that the united states has not done a lot of things in syria over the past several years, so they condemn israel for settlements. prime minister netanyahu said to me two days ago, that he's for a two state solution, and he believes there should be two states two two peoples. meaning that the palestinians
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have a right to their state, but so do the jews have a right to their state. and he said he would meet with the palestinians, at any time in any place, with no preconditions, but the palestinians, unfortunately, have decided they don't want to meet, they just want to use the united nations to whip israel and to embarrass israel and for us to fall into that trap was a really grievous error. >> i want to bring in a palestinian voice, i spoke a few minutes ago to a senior palestinian diplomat. here's his take on this. >> it's a victory for the cause of peace, because if mr. netanyahu means he wants a two state solution, then he should be celebrating this victory. it's a national celebration to bring about peace and security %-pt israel, this is a resolution against israel's expansion. >> your reaction? >> well, you know, every time
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the palestinians talk about settlements, it really makes me laugh and hypocrisy is just unbelievable. in 1948, you got to go in history, the united nations passed a security council resolution dividing historic palestine into two states and they called it a jewish state and an arab state. the jews send the partition but the palestinians did not. in fact th, in 1987, there were settlements, settlements didn't exist. if you want to make peace, you make peace, and if you want to have excuses as to why you won't make peace, then you can find a million excuses and that's what the palestinian authority is doing with its incitement against israel, it's incitement against jews, all kinds of reasons, the two parties need to
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sit down and hammer out a two state solution. >> i want to talk about the sitting down in the future, because it is going to be a different world pretty soon. but i want to put up a tweet from ted cruz, certainly not somebody you generally agree with on most issues, but he said that he spoke with prime minister netanyahu tonight to wish him happy hanukkah and to assure him of strong support in congress, no u.s. money for u.n. will you as a leading democrat on foreign affairs go along with republicans in cutting funding to the united nations and maybe even aid to palestinians because of this? >> i would certainly take a good look at it, i certainly would. i think it's time for us to get together in a bipartisan move to
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just say that we're not going to stand for this nonsense. all we want is even handedness and fairness. and that resolution was so disgusting and so biassed, that the thought that the united states could ever not veto it, just sort of makes me sick to my stomach. i do think there will be a lot of talking across lines because people are just disgusted, we want to see, again, i believe in a two state solution, but two states for two peopleless and the palestinians have not embraced that. >> you are no political ally of donald trump, however, do you in all candor have hope because he for a million reasons could come at this two-state solution, middle east peace that could have success that barack obama and his predecessors didn't? >> i would hope so. >> will you help him do that?
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>> when it comes to u.s. support for israel that should always be by partisan, working with the president, working with the congress. we are concerned about israel's well-being and i will work with anyone to make sure our only -- the only democracy in the middle east, our only true friend in the middle east i think it's very important that we work with our friends instead of kicking them in the teeth. >> congressman, you are very well known for your policy work in your decades in congress. but you have told me on more than one occasion that your constituents talk to you about seeing you at the state of the union address. that's because you famously set up a seat in the house chamber in the early, early morning of that big address so that you can shake the president's hand. you did it for obama and you did it for many past presidents. will you do that for donald
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trump. >> the president of the united states is the president of the united states. i believe that i was a hillary clinton supporter but donald trump was elected president. and i think that greeting the president, i did it during the bush years, both the father and the son and i did it with bill clinton and i see no reason not to do it with the president of the united states. and the president's going to be donald trump. and i think again the president of the united states is not just the president of the people who voted for him, he's the president of all of the people. and donald trump is going to be the president and i will shake his hand at the state of the union. >> i will see you at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, with your stack of files, that stack of
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papers, making that aisle seat your office. it will happen in short order. thank you so much for coming in. have a happy, happy holiday. >> thank you, dana. this is what happens when you get interviewed by someone who knows you so well. you have a happy holiday too. >> thanks, congressman. and up next, donald trump says he's starting to untangle himself from some conflicts of interest ahead of inauguration day, to shut down the trump foundation, but why that may not be an option. hi, we're the hulford quads.
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president-elect donald trump is dissolving the trump foundation, and the reason trump said in a statement, quote, to avoid the appearance of any conflict with my role of president, i have decided to pursue my interest in philanthropy in different ways. cnn's jeremy dimon is joining us from west palm beach, florida. dissolving this foundation, describe and explain to our viewers why it may be easier said than done? >> reporter: that's right, dana,
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well the trump foundation should be pretty easy to shut down. it's got no employees, it has no real fundraising operations to speak of. and it has a little more than $1 million in the bank. but the donald trump foundation is still being investigated for a variety of reasons. the trump foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. now the trump foundation is under investigation for among other reasons accusations of several dealing, in other words accusations that donald trump used the foundation's money, which is primarily other people's money, not his own, to settle private legal disputes by making charitable donations through the foundation. this is the way that donald trump says that he is trying to start to settle some of these potential conflicts of interest he may face as president of the
11:19 am
united states. but democrats are pouncing on that and saying this is really just for show. the democratic national committee said in a statement trump's noult today is a wilted fig leaf to cover up his remaining conflicts of interests and his pitiful record of charitable giving. donald trump has not released his tax returns so we don't know how much he has donated to charity himself. we do know through tax records that he has not given to the trump foundation since 2008. but over the coming weeks, we're going to see a lot more of this, donald trump showing the american people the ways in which he's going to try to disentangle himself from his multibillon dollar business the trump organization. we're expecting him to make an announcement on that next month. >> it's christmas and on christmas we tell the truth. i will tell our viewers that you
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have been a remarkable asset covering donald trump since day one for a year and a half, so thank you for that, appreciate it. great working with you. >> thank you, dana, happy holidays. >> you too. coming up, one of trump's targets in 2016, us, the press, cnn's rundown of the top ten media moments of the year. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury.
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it was one of donald trump's favorite targets of the year, or should i say we were one of trump's favorite targets of the year. >> debates, downfalls, feuds and failures. a presidential election that challenged the media like never before, culminating in an unprecedented outcome. here are the top ten media stories of 201. >> number 10, afternoon emotional homecoming, "washington post" reporter jason
11:24 am
rizion freed in january after 545 days in an iranian prison. his imprisonment a stark reminder of the dangers journalists face every day around the globe. number 9, the kelley ripa michael strahan feud, blind sided by the fact that her co-host was leaving for gma, skipped work for four days. she returned after a personal apology from disney and strahan himself. long time viacom ceo philippe demon squeezed out by sumner. the two were estranged for a while, but sherry is again heir to the corporate thrown. and the biggest media merger of the decade, at&t seeking to
11:25 am
buy time-warner, in an $80 million contribution. trump slammed it on the campaign trail. whether he tries to block it now remains to be seen. from clinton's hacked cam pain, to the -- someone even mailed trump's 1995 tax return to the "new york times." but what every leaked. raw footage from the apprentice. number 6, goodbye gawker, a lawsuit regarding -- >> the $140 million sex tape. >> a multimillion dollar judgment forceded him into bankruptcy, a warning to journalists everywhere. in a surprise twist, silicon
11:26 am
valley peter teal said that he was the money behind the lawsuit. number five, fakes news stories, hoaxes on the web, polluting facebook timelines and twitter streams. some wonder if it helped tip the scales for trump. >> we don't think it swayed the election, but we take that responsibility really seriously. >> facebook and google stopped the flow of ad dollars to these totally fake sites. but this new age of information warfare is just beginning. number four, outright media out of the shadows, when trump named breitbart has his -- >> it is trump art. bannon and breitbart were real champions of trump. >> bannon once called bright bart the platform to the alt right. now bannon will be the
11:27 am
president's chief strategist. it is feared alt right will have a more powerful platform inside the white house. the stunning downfall of fox news ceo roger ailes. >> breaking news, a media bombshell. >> reporter: in july, former fox host gretchen carlson made sexual harassment allegations against ails. it was a shocking end for the controversial gop king maker and mastermind of the country's highest rated cable news channel. number two, one of the biggest media miscues in decades. donald trump winning the presidency, something most of the press never believed would actually happen. >> we didn't do our job as well as we could have and should have. >> it was a complete failure at every step of the process. >> i think polling has to get
11:28 am
better at describing the uncertainties. >> the limits of polling, the limits of data and a reminding that national news outlets have to do a better job of covering racial inequality. running against the press, the most anti-media campaign in modern history. it started in 2015, but trump doubled down in 2016. >> i'm running against the crooked media. you have to put up with some of the most dishonest people in the world, the media. >> trump still called out other journalists by name. >> katie, you're not reporting it, katie. there's something happening katie. this sleazy guy right over here from abc, he's a sleaze in my book. >> he fired off angry tweets at news outlets, and got his crowds chanting.
11:29 am
trump declared war on the press and the campaign was just the first battle. that sets up a colossal challenge for the media in 2017, covering president trump. >> and senior media correspondent and host of cnn's "reliable sources" brian stelter joins me now. yes, he is in his mother's house in maryland. >> of course. >> i just want to say before we start, thank you, because now my mother is going to be mad at me saying if he can do it, why can't you? why respect you reporting from my living room? i'm going to give my mother your phone number. hey, hi, brian's mom. >> we're not opening christmas presents, we're waiting until after we talk to you. >> i want to talk to your mother, hi, brian's mom. >> hi. >> what a cameo. let's focus on that great piece that you did on this incredible year. good and bad for the media.
11:30 am
what is your take on kind of the what you played at the end there, on the cnn sucks chants and not just cnn, but donald trump going after during the campaign and even now about the press. we know we're really easy targets in politics. but when it comes to governing, i would even use the word dangerous because the united states is supposed to be an example of a free press for countries around the world. >> we're living through a media revolution right now. the fact that i'm able to join you on skype, maybe in a few years you will be doing your report from home. this new technology has incredible benefits. president obama took advantage of facebook and twitter and all that stuff. and donald trump is doing the same thing, in order to by pass the press in new ways, not all of that is bad, some of it is very good.
11:31 am
but what we're also seeing trump trying to do is to delegitimize the press. how he tries to go around the press, but he also loves the attention, he courts the media, he wants the attention when it's positive. so it's the ultimate love-hate relationship. even when he's trying to distance himself from bad coverage. but he's probably watching right now. >> if you are watching, mr. donald tru trump we will actually take you from your living room at any time, christmas tree or not, and you can even bring brian's mom. brian, merry christmas to you
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i want to get back to our top story, prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he wanss to meet with the u.s. ambassador. the two have had meetings scheduled and it is now going to happen this evening. israel also summoned the ambassadors for the ten countries who voted. >> for decades, american administrations and israeli governments have disagreed about settlements, but we agreed the security council was not the place to resolve this issue. we knew that going there would make negotiations harder and drive peace further away. >> i want to bring in david keys, he is spokesman for the
11:36 am
israeli prime minister. david, thank you so much for joining me, obviously the prime minister and many people in your country are very upset. tell us first and foremost about what he plans to say to the u.s. ambassador in their meeting there? >> i'll leave that to the prime minister. i'm the american ambassador. but what i can say is the israelis collectively and the prime minister -- the western wall, one of the holiest places to jewish people, one of the places jewish people have lived and prayed to for thousands of years is deemed illegally occupied. that's illegal, amoral and just plain wrong. so i think the government very rightly saw this resolution as not a step towards peace, but away from peace. it actually makes peace harder
11:37 am
to attain, what this says is the presence of jews living in judea is no the way to go. it's not that the palestinians are constantly indoctrinating their children that it is better to kil an israeli than to have peace with them. to actually pay salaries to people who murder israelis. so this resolution is shameful and it actually pushes peace farther away. >> given all of that, why do you, why does your boss, the prime minister think that the obama administration did what it did? >> well, we have ironclad information, frankly, that the obama administration really helped push this resolution and helped craft it from sources internationally and from sources in the arab world. and it's really an unfortunate
11:38 am
legacy, kind of a last-minute jab at israel that actually distances peace. and i applaud leaders of both the democratic and republican parties that have come out and blasted that deeply anti-israel resolution, this resolution that unfairly targets israel from a body which to say was biassed would be an understatement. >> you have question that the u.s. engaged in collusion with the palestinians to get this resolution passed. can you give that to the public? can you make it public to prove that what you're saying is true? >> unfortunately, i can't not here on cnn, but i can tell you that we have full confidence that the information is accurate and it's really unfortunate, because israel's hand has been and is extended for peace, the prime minister has called on president abbas literally hundreds of times to meet with
11:39 am
him any time, anywhere and without preconditions, and the in fact that the palestinian leadership has said no time after time shows you why peace talks have stalled. >> i asked this very question, denied it and insisted that didn't happen. so obviously two different points of view, but we'll be digging down, trying to get the truth to that allegation because it's a pretty explosive one given the history of these two forces. the fact that he, the prime minister is meeting with president obama's ambassador, somebody who's not going to be there in 20 plus days. i mean, diplomatically, isn't that a waste of time, considering the fact that he's going have a whole new administration, a whole new cast of characters to work with? does he just want to have a chance to basically slap him on
11:40 am
the wrist in person in private? >> i don't think it's a waste of time at all. i think it's a very important message to send to those who claim that the western wall is illegally occupied territory. those who want deeply unsided resolutions to pass need to be told the truth, and the truth is we're not illegally occupying places like the western wall, the truth is that our hand is always extended to peace and the real barrier to pace is not the jew's presence in judea. i'm very glad that this message is being sent to the world about the truth of this deeply anti-israel resolution, and i would like to point out that president obama said in 2011 that peace wasn't going to come through resolutions from the united nations. and that's true so i can't
11:41 am
imagine president obama allowing it to pass. >> i want to play for you something that a palestinian leader and advisor to mahmoud abbas about working with the trump administration and the possibilities there. >> do you hope that the president-elect trump would really start focusing on us and our hands are extended, our hearts are open, our hopes are high and our prayers in the christmas' eve is that he is going to be the one to make the deal. absolutely we are willing, we are ready to move with him toward the journey to peace. the palestinian people need it, the israelis need it, the middle east needs it. how do we focus on the in fact you can no longer have the cake and eat it too. >> the prime minister netanyahu has made it very clear is that
11:42 am
he is very clear to looking forward to a trump administration too. does that give you hope what you just heard, perhaps a new administration in the u.s., with a very different approach and a different history, maybe a lack thereof could be what's needed? >> i am indeed hopeful about the future and so is the prime minister. he looks forward to working with the president-elect. and it's our sincere desire at that long last that palestinians come to accept the presence of a jewish state here. and there's a number of things that could be done, from stopping this horrific culture of hate where palestinians are teaching young children to lust for death and to want to try to kill israelis by paying them a monthly salary. and that's the case today, anybody who kills an israeli actually gets a month's salary. but real peace is based off
11:43 am
mutual recognition and mutual dignity. and we want to have -- aren't a threat to our very existence. >> well, i'm glad that we could end on a hopeful note, thank you very much for joining me. happy hanukkah to you, david. >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> and we'll be back in a moment. special moments... ...with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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there are just 26 days until donald trump takes the oath of office as president of the united states. and he's been really busy building his cabinet. just look at that screen, leaving only a handful of key positions unfilled going into the new year. so what do his picks tell us about trump's administration and more importantly what his policies are going to look like. let's start with you, brian, when you look at that array of faces and much more importantly,
11:47 am
who and what they represent, in a nutshell, does it tell people anything about where he's going to go? because we don't need to say this to our viewers, he is unconventional as a republican, he's got varied views vis-a-vis what you rarely see inside the republican party. >> and he's appointed people that have been loyal to his campaign, but he's gone outside the traditional political sphere. now he's run on competence and he's got houses of congress on both sides to help him get his measures passed. and he's got 25 republicans up for re-election and many of those in states he carried in this election. so he may carry an even broader
11:48 am
unconventional coalition that we're not used to seeing in the past couple of administrations. >> the idea of having jeff sessions for example as his nominee to be attorney general, he's obviously as traditional as they come when it comes to republicans on pretty much all issues. but then again, he has rex tillerson, somebody with no political experience, official political experience, much like himself to be secretary of state. so does that give -- does that sort of scramble the notion of what they can expect when it comes to democrats? >> it's not quite as scrambled as it looks like. but in the end, we have really much of a movement conservative republican gang here and frankly, i think they're going to be a whole lot more consistent than donald trump was
11:49 am
on the campaign trail. >> but to that point, the thing about donald trump and he's made this very, very clear, and he wants wins, he wants victories, he wants to get things done. and for the people in congress who i have spoken to and a lot of them have said this publicly, on the republican side, they're so excited, even though he was the last person they wanted to be their nominee, because they feel like he's malleable, frankly, and they feel they can create their agenda, and get him to market it, never mind sign it into legislation. is that fair? brian? >> oh, sorry. yeah, i think it is, because he's a deal maker. he's even said as much with some of his proposals, for instance his tax package. he said it's going to be tough to get done, but it's an opening bid. but the remember members of
11:50 am
congress of course are excited, because they're the ones that are in the majority that are going to usher in this legislation so they're going to have a lot to say about what the agenda actually looks like, but there's a number of states with democratic members and it's going to behoove them to work with trump as well. i think there's a lot of members of congress, democrats and republicans alike. because in the last administration, it was very much party line, it was very much my way or the highway, and that's just not trump's attitude. >> final word real quick, republican us have talked to call that a squeeze play for the democrats. >> it is. republicans ought to be thrilled. they have an education secretary, a labor skeptical who seems skeptical about the minimum wage. this is good news for the conservatives. they have a lot of reasons to
11:51 am
cheer. >> it's going to be a merry christmas for conservatives. >> merry christmas, thank you for joining me. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. >> and a whole lot of freedom in our stockings. >> well, good luck. i'm in this for me. for me. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine, or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis
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which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free.
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for many families goings to the movies on christmas day is just as traditional as openi in presents, but which film is worth your bucks. >> the first one is rogue one. tons of actions, plenty of special effects but did it meet expectations? gill, let's start with that, "star wars," thumbs up or thumbs down? >> totally thumbs up, the movie has not only been reviewed favorably, but it's also earning lots of box office, big money at the box office. >> so should we take our kids or
11:55 am
not? that's one of my questions. >> oh, definitely, for the parents who are familiar with the "star wars" franchise, and younger children who are being introduced to it, it's definitely one to see. >> fences, this is denzel washington movie getting a lot of attention for his work. why do you think this is so special? >> as it should be, the film is based on a play by august wilson that earned a pulitzer prize and it stars the cast, much of the original cast from that play which earned both denzel washington and his co-star viola davis tony awards. and it's certainly in the conversation for, you know, oscars, and big awards come award season. >> okay, people who have just opened their presents, trying to figure out what movie to see,
11:56 am
what else is on your list? if you have to go spend money to go see a movie, what would you say? >> there are a lot of films that are out there that i think families will enjoy, of course you have sing, which is a big 3-d animated flip from yuan vers universal, and that is one that families will enjoy, and you al also hid -- martin scorsese has a film, that he took 25 years to make, called "silence" that stars liam knee san.
11:57 am
>> i saw la-la land last thursday. >> thank you so much for your advice for people looking to see where to go for christmas movies. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this,
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